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Good health equals successful adaptation. This is a unique formula for each individual. Ask your self what is your adaptation formula?

Is it healthy eating, rest, and physical exercise? The absolute joy of discovering how to adapt your way to a healthier you is that it is yours to create!  My suggestion for the new year would be to sit down at the kitchen table and write your unique Plan B.  I have mentioned it in earlier blogs. Plan B equals your optimal life under stress.

Have a fabulous New Year!


When your life takes a left turn be ready to adapt to the situation with a plan B.

Plan A is when life is humming along at an optimum level.  You are finishing your day crossing all items off of your list.  Meeting your own expectations of how your day was supposed to map.

When life gets in the way and plan A is not possible, you will avoid high anxiety related to feelings of not measuring-up by preparing an alternative. What it looks like is up to you. Perhaps it is reducing your workout from 6 days weekly to 4. Getting to bed 30 minutes earlier and eating more veggies and lean meat.  Plan B will keep you moving and content with your journey!

Making a resolution is a healthy practice.  But to enhance your life in 2015 a call to action is a must. Be thoughtful and courageous as 2015 approaches when you pen your resolutions. Make it a short list of life goals so it is manageable and sustainable.  Most importantly, smile, laugh a lot, and have fun on your journey to an enhanced life!

Once you initiate your call to action you can’t take it back. Throw it out into the universe after a well thought out goal setting session and you can’t pull it back and still be true to yourself.  You changed your mind?? Too bad you now have to fearlessly manage the consequences of your action no matter the response.  Be fearless and unafraid and you will live the life you were meant to live.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cause, Meet Effect.”

A rainy day presents an opportunity to visualize your goals. No sun shine to soak-up or blue sky to be thankful for, instead create your own beautiful day… By visualizing your goal. Close your eyes and picture growing old with a life partner or doing the charitable work you have always loved to do.  Write it down! Putting it down on paper will give it legs and it will start walking!